Welcome to the only list that matters - if your's isn't on here, then your suggestion wasn't worth thinking about, let alone publishing.

Baby Forest Hacker

Back Feels Horrendous

Back Fookin Hurts

Backache For Him

Bad For Hawking

Badass Fun Hounds

Badly Fucked Heart

Ballers For Hire

Ballpark, Fifty Hooches

Ban Fighting Here

Banned From Hamleys

Banned Frothing Henceforth.

Banter From Hell

Barely Fondled Hardware

Barely Functioning Hardware

Bargain For Him

Bargain Forum Host

Bargain Fun Hospitalling

Bargaining For House

Basically Fairly Half-baked

Bastard Fucking Hospitals

Bastards From HMRC

Bats For Heroes

Battle Field Hardon

Be Fucking Happy!

Beastie Fuckin Hiding

Beautiful Facial Herpes

Bedroom Fucker Harrasment

Begging For Handout

Beginning First. Ha!

Believe False Headlines

Believes False Hierarchy.

Bendable Fuck Hole

Beneficial File Hosting

Bereavement For Hawking

Best Felicitations Here!

Best Fucking Happies

Beware: Fools Here!

Big Fly Hater

Big Franchise Handouts

Big Frozen Head?

Big Fucking Hangover!

Big Fucking Heels

Big Furry H-oaf

Bird Fucking Happened

Birthday Felicitations Hunk!

Birthday For Him!

Birthday Funeral Help

Bitcoin Frenzy Here

Blatantly Fabricated Hardcopy

Blatantly Fanatical Hutzpah!

Bleats For Help

Bleedin Fire Hazard

Bleedin Frayed Happenings

Blindingly Fast Hardware

Bloated Failed Heart

Bloaty Fucking Head!

Block Foot Hurt

Bloody Financial Hazards

Bloody Fooking Hot

Bloody Foolish Harangue

Bloody Foolish Humans

Bloody Foot Hazard

Bloody Freeview? Heathens

Bloody Freezing Here

Bloody Fuzzy Highway

Blow For Humanity

Blurry Fever Headache?

Boba Fett Humour

Bog Fun Hole

Bogotas Fractious Hooligans

Bold Faced Hacking!

Bold Footy Hatred

Boldly Finding Hacks

Bollocked For Hastiness

Bonus For Hunt

Booting Fucking Hurriedly?

Booze Fights House

Borrow Friends Housewife

Bouncing Fleshlight Hound

Boy Fingering Hero

Brachiosaurus Fulsomely Hung

Brain Freeze Hacks?

Brake Flipping Hard!

Brazil! France! Huzzah!

Breath Firmly Held

Bribe Favourable Hotty

Brief Fragmenting Hiccup

Briefly Foiled Hacking

Brilliant Fantasy Hospital

Bring Fan Here!

Bring Football Home

Bringing Football Home?

Britain First, HOORAY!

Broken Fanny Hugger

Broken Fence Hassle

Bruises, Flames, Hangover.

Brunoise Felon Hearts

Budget Form Handling

Budgeted Funds Hijacked

Build Fences High!

Bullfrog Flashback Hour

Bullish Facebook Hate

Bum Fuck Him

Bungled Financials, Help!

Burglar Fought Hopelessly

Buried Fella Here

Burried, Forever, Head.

Bus Fare Home

Butterfly Food Here

Buttload For Him

Buy From Honda?