Welcome to the only list that matters - if your's isn't on here, then your suggestion wasn't worth thinking about, let alone publishing.

Bad For Hawking

Ballers For Hire

Banned Frothing Henceforth.

Banter From Hell

Basically Fairly Half-baked

Be Fucking Happy!

Beautiful Facial Herpes

Begging For Handout

Beginning First. Ha!

Beneficial File Hosting

Bereavement For Hawking

Best Felicitations Here!

Best Fucking Happies

Beware: Fools Here!

Big Frozen Head?

Big Fucking Hangover!

Birthday Felicitations Hunk!

Birthday For Him!

Blatantly Fabricated Hardcopy

Blatantly Fanatical Hutzpah!

Bleats For Help

Bleedin Fire Hazard

Blindingly Fast Hardware

Bloated Failed Heart

Bloody Foolish Harangue

Bloody Foolish Humans

Bloody Freezing Here

Blow For Humanity

Bold Footy Hatred

Boldly Finding Hacks

Bollocked For Hastiness

Bonus For Hunt

Booting Fucking Hurriedly?

Booze Fights House

Bouncing Fleshlight Hound

Brachiosaurus Fulsomely Hung

Brain Freeze Hacks?

Broken Fence Hassle

Bruises, Flames, Hangover.

Budget Form Handling

Build Fences High!

Bum Fuck Him

Bus Fare Home

Buttload For Him